Artificial Intelligence in the Law Industry during Covid-19

During the pandemic, companies have had to shut down in office operations due to social distancing and introduce a work from home policy. However, staggered opening is taking place, more and more companies have warmed up to the idea of working from home. Casebook’s programs, allow law firms to operate more efficiently, without compromising on effective communication. The cloud setup by Casebook allows lawyers to stay in touch with all documentation regarding their clients. This ensures team-work among lawyers stays intact and that clients are left satisfied even if in person meetings are proving to be a hurdle.

Over the years, the law industry has been heavily criticized for their rigidity in terms of adopting new technology. This stubbornness arose from a valid concern of security and that lawyers, especially in Pakistan, have struggled to adopt any sort of technology and they believe in the traditional methods to this day. However, Covid-19 has forced law firms and ALSP’s to move digital. This is where Casebook AI comes in. We have developed a platform which has a secure server for people working on cases. Our Intelli-Contract is a game changer. From filtering out details amongst hundreds of cases, to sorting out contracts and clauses, we have it all.

In the covid era, companies have struggled financially all over the world. Hence why, companies have been looking to find out clauses in their rental contracts that could offer some sort of relief financially. This is where Intelli-Search comes in and detects a clause in contracts and allows companies to negotiate for rents in these extreme circumstances.

Casebook’s Intelli-Contract has made the life of lawyers today much more efficient and easier. Companies have used casebook to filter through hundreds and thousands of documentations in little to no time in comparison to manual inspection of documents. Law firms have a dedicated cloud setup which is basically hack-proof thanks to our cybersecurity team and this earns the confidence of firms all over the world.
Casebook immediately spots anomalies in datasets which provides a smoking gun for litigators today and gives them a competitive edge over their counterparts.

We have made Casebook accessible for people from all backgrounds and experience levels. Our interface is extremely user-friendly. Usually, the reluctance to opt for AI has come up as a result of the inability to operate new technology. Well, Casebook is made for the lawyer. This is a specific AI legal software, designed to make sure not a thing is missed in the mass of data that is available; clients will never be left unsatisfied as nothing can be more comprehensive than machine learning. Our software is extremely smart and with use, it learns and tailors itself according to the lawyer. So, the idea of “AI replacing lawyers”, that’s never going to happen. Lawyers possess the critical thinking abilities, decision making skills and the composure required. Now that is something that can’t be taught to a robot or a software. For Pakistani lawyers, this can get rid of the constant hassle of going through hundreds of files on a daily basis and the wastage of time accompanying it.

AI is also essential as we are moving towards a digital society as times goes on. More and more companies are adopting the use of AI. AI in law firms is important as it catches the attention of the upcoming generation who are intrigued by the concept of AI from early on, so, it makes sense for companies to adopt this technology to attract a new crop of lawyers.

The future of AI in law firms is very strong. Following the pandemic, majority companies have adopted a work-from-home policy, which seems to be continuing. Hence, the availability of a system like Casebook ensures the privacy and security of the client-attorney privilege. This is something that is extremely necessary especially in our society where clients are usually more skeptical. For smaller companies, it seems to still be a struggle to afford the system but firms are warming up to the idea of ‘long-term gain, short-term pain.’


Law firms who have taken aboard this change in a more welcoming way, have thrived from Casebook. We have finally broken the monotony that existed beforehand and made law more fun. Lawyers now report that they are even more satisfied with the results of Casebook than they would be if they carried out the same actions manually. AI in law firms ensures accuracy and efficiency. This is due to our unsupervised and supervised machine learning capabilities that allows users to connect data from various documents together.

Casebook allows firms operating in multiple countries to compare and collaborate with different branches and to closely observe progress and financial statuses of the branches.