For a Lawyer, Time is money. It is the currency with which others signify value for his efforts.. AI saves you from doing the ever so surfaced monotonous work in our field. As Pakistan’s Lawyers , Artificial intelligence holds the key for good time management by leveraging automation, reducing stress and improving productivity are a given.

AI has begun a revolution in legal practice and the wider global legal industry is making great strides towards efficiency and work life autonomy, due to their early adoption of it. Whereas, Pakistan’s approach towards artificial intelligence has been left wanting .I am reminded of quote once uttered at a seminar by a Member of the American Intelligence Community, while referring to a conversation between General Mattis and himself ; The general was adamant “we have the best weapons , no one will dare to challenge us in a conventional war again for a century”, where the American Spy retorted “That’s why we must focus on the frontier of AI”. It is the greatest enabler of mankind thus far, enables one to do more with less.

Gone is the era of lugging around a briefcase (say nothing about client privacy rights), the drudgery of heading to the law firm, meetings then court and back. In this era, cloud is king. And every lawyer , partner & associate needs a digital briefcase. It is no longer a viable option to continue with the familiar old ways of doing things.

Casebook is built to change all that and more

Casebook is a time saver. In editing and approving a brief or a draft , countless hours are spent on tasks that our technology delivers in seconds. Want to find caselaw relevant to Pakistan’s jurisprudence , not sure what to search for. Click a button and get a smorgasbord of historical caselaw sifted through so you can actually spend more time on analysing the legal and factual issues.

nimble_asset_graphcitThe entire spectrum of your legal operation from editing, appraising,reviewing the legal matters at hand. Casebook offers solutions to help analyze the research of documents, aid in elimination of duplicates, sorting of relevant documents , proofreading, and error correction.

The makers of Casebook have rigoursly built the software for the use of Pakistan’s legal fraternity , take for example the contract reviewer and drafter. Intelli-contract which can help replicate the meat of a given contract in less than a minute, leaving you ample time for serious legal innovation.

Casebooks Doc Graph can help you save those precious hours of looking for citations and provisions to help you in your case research journey.

Casebook provides a portable notepad for each file, be it brief , an important judgment, a draft or any other document. There is a sticky notepad that is embedded on the file. At a client’s meeting and forgot your notes, with Casebook all your notes are there with you , each separately stored for each document. All you have to do is remember your password. How is that filing cabinet, does it hand you back your notes each time you are reading a specific document. Casebook has an intelligent storage system which ensures a separate notepad for each document. Users don’t need to probe through a large cabinet of what feels like a stream of files anymore.

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Casebook to the rescue! Now, the legal practioner can simply organise all the files in seperately for each client. Also sub-categorize the files as required such as billing and correspondence etc. So, e-filing can save you time and effort of sorting them out later. Directly save it to the relevant folder. E-filing with Casebook will also eradicate the risk of documents getting lost. One of the most important advantage of e-filing is that it is environment friendly. It minimizes the use of paper. Do you use e-mails for this reason? If yes, accept our gratitude from Casebook.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just remember which case was the most relevant for this specific legal point. Casebook’s Intelli-Recommender is purpose built to aid you when you are out of ideas . A click will retrieve the most relevant judgments or statues for any given scenario.

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Casebook is a time-effective and efficient way to find answers to the ambiguous legal points. It is increasingly important to ensure that you have searched for all relevant sources.

This is where SMART LAW VIEWER comes in handy to allow through proofreading with AI-Generated highlights of “facts”, “legal test” and “opinion”. Moreover, the smart viewer can also help in drafting of documentation as it contains a Seperate Notepad file for each document uploaded. Casebook is appreciated by both clients and legal practioners. In addition, Users can instantly access all legal happenings that can possibly affect their litigation. Casebook is like having your own personal google! It enables the user to scan hundreds of thousands of volumes of caselaw, in situations when one isn’t sure you can always try the Recommend Cases feature, to get a list of relevant opinions for any given document.

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Perhaps more important then any of the productivity gains Casebook delivers for lawyers, It hopes to tip the scale of nepotism to a more egalitarian legal fraternity. Who amongst us has not witnessed the feudalistic structure of the legal fraternity.

For those of us who know only too well the politics of the office. Casebook offers a way to fairness, a chance to automate the tasks that the Partners at any given firm are happy to deploy human capital for. With Casebook , it gives the juniors amongst us to prove our potential on the real higher order tasks.

In the words of the famed Ford Executive Jack Welch “change before you have to”. Now it is upto Pakistan’s legal fraternity to liberate themselves from old ways of doing the business of law. This may be our only hope to stamp out the feudalism and nepotism rampant in the legal fraternity.

But how will that help me? – A lawyer review my latest brief?

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Traditionally, legal review of any document, required cupboards filled with historical journals . One had to carefully sift from PLDs to YLRs( bind together in a string cloth for ease of use ) or if he was lucky get a junior to.