Do you ever wonder, what personality you carry as a lawyer? According to some opinions, everyone has a different personality at home and a different personality when in business. Do you think that’s true? Do you feel like you are a different person in the courtroom than that you are at home?

It didn’t come to me as a shock that the first two most common personality types for lawyers are introverts. Lawyers tend to be introverts as most of the information they deal with is confidential so it is very natural to become reserved and quiet. Most of the lawyers have are ‘sensing’. They rely more on the facts and figures.

Again, it’s very understandable. Being a lawyer, you deal with many people who can twist and mould the truth so you have to go with hard facts.

Most often the lawyers are thinkers. Which means that they would base their judgement on the tangible facts. And finally the most common personality traits in the lawyers is that they are org

The second most common personality type for lawyers is also introverted. But it differs from the first category as in this type of lawyers don’t base their judgements on the facts but they’re more inclined towards the underlying theories.

They would add their Intuitive aspect to the mix before coming to a conclusion. So their decision making would sound more like, I see it’s right , I hear it’s right, okay but does it ‘feel’ right? Again this is pretty much a lawyer is about. A lot of public exposure, and not everyday public.

People going through specific circumstances! Such exposure is what makes a lawyer feel the vibes coming from a person as they speak. So, no doubt, a high majority of the lawyers are perceivers.

The third one is interesting. Because it is that an appreciable majority of the lawyers comprises of extroverts. They are more out going and socially confident.

They would grab every social gathering as an excellent opportunity to meet people and get insights. No doubt, it would greatly polish their judgements. If you find yourself as an extrovert lawyer, you will enjoy the cases that deal with labour laws etc. You will also be a great fit for a law firm where the colleagues tend to arrange social events quite often.

And you would enjoy more where the task is client facing. So the rest of the personality still is predominantly same as the first two categories. Just being an extrovert puts you in a whole different slightly less common personality type.

Did you find yourself? Perhaps a colleague? Didn’t it get interesting. Well, the next category is a little more intriguing. I would put myself in this group.

So, this group of personality is an Extroverted lawyer who would empathize! Not sure if it is very helpful in most cases as a lawyer, but this personality type has a tendency to feel for the untold and unexplainable sides of the story. Intuitive lawyers are more fond of cases such as those involving criminal or labour laws. Where such personality types have an opportunity to think a top go bottom viewpoint.

As much as they are Intuitive, they are still ‘thinkers’ as opposed to ‘perceivers’. So they sure will look for the different aspects, but they tend to look at all the aspects objectively.

Now, that’s a fascinating personality type. Have you ever come across such personality in your colleagues? Or are you ome of these? This personality types are the ones who would keep more to themselves. They don’t get mixed up very easily in a social event.

They will be more happy in their quiet time than out at a party. An icing to the cake, they’re Intuitive too. So, you’d think that since they aren’t very outgoing, their judgement would be based on facts but no, these personalities would go for the ‘feel’ in addition to the visible facts.

Also, this category being introverts could also give you an idea that they’d be the type who tend to be objective. Setting perfectly scheduled timetables and deadlines but they are ‘perceivers’.

They will finish the task but not by the traditional rules and regulations. They are creative and would rather have a rough framework than a must-do agenda.

This is my favourite type. Extrovert, Intuitive, Perceiver and thinkers. I don’t fall in this category but most colleagues I would go along with have this personality type. This is like social and out going? Check. ☑️ Think creatively? Check ☑️ Concrete milestones with adaptable framework? Check ☑️ Logical? Check ☑️
Having said that, there is no right or wrong personality type.

Law is a hard profession. Being a lawyer is hard work. And these personality types aren’t necessarily a unit. You can be a mix of different traits.

So, what personality type would you call yourself?

Lawyer Personality

As much as we think we know who we are, we actually appear different than what we are in our heads. Personally, I would take any personality tests I’d see. Just because they’re fun. But not all of them are true. Most of these tests have auto fed answers and no matter what you choose, they’ll produce a randomly picked result.

However, there are some that actually give you the insight to your personality. They help you get a better understanding of how you react in different situations. And how to cope better in different circumstances.

Being a lawyer is hectic. You’re always caught up in thoughts. Worries about the clients and cases hover your mind all the time. An idea of your personality as a lawyer can also help you deal with such thoughts in a tangible manner. Plus, it can help you choose a firm where you’d better go along with the colleagues. Not only a firm, but also make your case choices. Knowing your personality as a lawyer can really help you appreciate the choices you make.

Do you think it’s not true that lawyers have different personalities? Well, a well known personality indicator known as Mayers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) clusters the lawyers into six categories clearly different from the general public. Not only the general public but also other professions.

Let’s take a look at these most common categories that lawyers fall into. As you go through them, maybe you’ll find yourself or a colleague or a lawyer friend?