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AI: Designed for Lawyers

Casebook has products that are meant to be for the future in the field of law. Our aim is not to replace the lawyer, so you don’t have to be worried about the “AI replacing the lawyer.” However, our aim is to combine machine learning, pattern recognition and deep learning to provide a personalized experience to the lawyer. In a day and age where, the amount of information available to lawyers becomes vast, Casebook will provide the most precise and comprehensive analysis to lawyers.


We understand that for lawyers, and for organizations, privacy and security is of the upmost importance. We have established protocols of the highest degree to ensure Casebook remains a safe haven for every document. We have a dedicated cybersecurity and data team which will look after every sort of documentation one can share.

Casebook has a dedicated cloud for its lawyers which provides the utmost convenience. Documentation can now be accessed with ease. Considering the situation today, even if you happen to be working from home, no problem. Casebook will provide value to its customer as soon as the service is obtained.

Unlike manual systems, Casebook is well equipped to deal with regulatory changes or technological advancements. It will not require costly updates or change to agreements regardless of what’s going on elsewhere. Due to machine learning, AI will be used to filter out legal documentation that does not abide by current regulations.

As a result of this, this saves time for lawyers. This will also save time for lawyers as they go through tons of documentation in more than half of the time. This will allow law companies to meet client deadlines on a shorter notice, increasing client satisfaction.

What is Unsupervised and Supervised Learning?

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Unsupervised machine learning allows the user to not constantly be overlooking the model. In this, the model detects patterns via unlabeled data on its own using already developed algorithms.

Unsupervised machine learning is used for lawyers especially when there’s a high quantity of data and there isn’t something specific to look for. Because of this, anomalies show up which were previously thought of as non-existent. This is essential for Intelli-Contract as it allows lawyers to maintain strong negotiation start off positions. Through unsupervised machine learning, Intelli-Search can enable litigators to uncover significant details to use in their arguments.

Supervised machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and machine learning which deals in labelled datasets. In this case, the material to be located is clearly described. We here at casebook, want AI in law firms to be revolutionary. As more and more lawyers use this AI, Casebook becomes more and more personalized for every lawyer.

Why Casebook?

Why Casebook Legal App

In today’s world, where, technology is revolutionizing the way we operate on a daily basis. Manual systems don’t work. Lawyer’s have to be trained which involves a significant cost, for them to be able to operate these systems. Furthermore, most of these systems become outdated by the time they are perfected. Adding to that, these systems lack the accuracy to detect anomalies within the data like Casebook does.

This is why, we provide unsupervised and supervised learning facilities both to lawyers to ensure their findings are always unique and tailor-made.