As the purpose of Artificial Intelligence in Law, has always been to not replace the lawyer, but to provide the lawyer with sufficient tools for the future. To aid the lawyer in devising better strategies for their clients. However, the adoption of AI in any sector has raised several eyebrows in Pakistan. Recently, President Arif Alvi has introduced programs for the upcoming Generation to get students up to date with the tools of the future.

The solution should never be more Associates, Paralegals/Juniors.

We here at Casebook have designed an easy-to-use interface for lawyers. As years go on, the adoption rate of AI in the Legal Industry will increase and the companies that show reluctancy in adopting new technology will be left behind. As companies have already started to adopt new methods such as machine learning and data analysis. Clients today will ask for assurances over the fact that firms are equipped with the newest and latest technology available.

As the amount of data increases on a daily, the need for unsupervised and supervised machine learning is increasing. The efficient solution now for companies, is to adopt AI and not hire more to cope with the increasing data.

Pakistani lawyers are notoriously known for having poor file retention systems and are piled up in data. This is where Casebook comes in and does everything for them.

The use of Casebook will save lawyers time and will also satisfy their clients. Litigators will be able to detect top arguments using our Intelli-Search, that will always keep our users ahead of the lawyers that still operate manually. Casebook also makes sure that lawyer collaboration is made necessary because again, a machine still has to be taught. Using Casebook will increase customer satisfaction as costs will be lower for clients, which will attract more customers towards law firms.

Lawyers in Pakistan

Considering majority lawyers in Pakistan are older, this will make the monotony go away in no time. Gone are the days of constantly reviewing documents to ensure customer value; Intelli-Search is specifically designed to locate important yet undiscovered aspects of a dataset. This will ensure that lawyers never miss any detail, whilst saving time and the cost for the client.

What’s the most important thing for any client? Privacy. Casebook has employed a team of highly qualified cybersecurity experts who look after the documentation and that it’s perfectly secured in our cloud. The documentation can be accessed by lawyers wherever they’re situated, which provides a lot of facilities for people who can’t always be in office.