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It sounds like a cliché now that we are living in a tech-savvy world. But it is a cliché that is very appropriate and no one can deny it. Just like every other work niche, the legal practices, from independent law firms to corporate businesses, take advantage of technological tools. The rare minority which do not have the technological edge, face difficulties keeping up. Since most of the ‘backstage’ work is a paralegal’s job, so their duties directly revolve around the use of technology.

Here’s how Casebook makes life easy for a paralegal

Paralegals don’t need to probe through a large cabinet of what feels like a stream of files anymore. Casebook to the rescue! Now, the paralegals can simply organise all the files in seperately for each client. Also sub-categorize the files as required such as billing and correspondence etc. So, e-filing can save you time and effort of sorting them out later. Directly save it to the relevant folder. E-filing with Casebook will also eradicate the risk of documents getting lost. One of the most important advantage of e-filing is that it is environment friendly. It minimizes the use of paper. Do you use e-mails for this reason? If yes, accept our gratitude from Casebook.

Casebook is a time-effective and efficient way to find answers to the ambiguous legal points. It is increasingly important to ensure that you have searched for all relevant sources. This is where SMART LAW VIEWER comes in handy to allow through proofreading with AI-Generated highlights of “facts”, “legal test” and “opinion”. Moreover, the smart viewer can also help in drafting of documentation as it contains a Seperate Notepad file for each document uploaded. This Product is often the most appreciated by both clients and paralegals. In addition, Paralegals can instantly access all legal happenings that can possibly affect their litigation. Casebook is like having your own personal google! It enables the paralegals to scan hundreds of thousands of volumes of caselaw, in situations when one isn’t sure you can always try the Recommend Cases feature, to get a list of relevant opinions for any given document.

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Facts , Legal Tests & Opinions

Time is money. Casebook knows that. So, it can be your best friend ( your very own paralegal) helping you organise ,draft, proofread as well as analyse. If you love what you do, you know the feeling of time flying, well, you know the feeling even if you don’t enjoy your work. Meeting deadlines is an obvious part of a paralegal’s job. Sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of where the time went when trying to meet those deadlines. Casebook significantly reduces the time required to go through hundreds of pages in order to fix the relevant legal points of quarrel. Casebooks DOC GRAPH can help you save those precious hours of looking for citations and provisions to help you in your case research journey.

Casebook provides a great tool for paralegals to communicate with other paralegals across the country. Share your research on a judgement on the CASEBOOK OPINION FEED , get credited for your technical research by law firms around the country. Who knows they might even like your work enough to pinch you from your current employer. Moreover, Networking througfh Casebook can not only provide you with a great opportunity to learn not only from the fellow experienced paralegals but also Partners of firms.

95% of a paralegal’s work is cognitive. So, cloud technology gives a paralegal the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere from any device. Casebook, is enabling the remote work revolution for paralegals in Pakistan. The software not only helps you to make edits as soon as they arise, but also to share your work with colleagues with ease. New features to be released will also help paralegals to simultaneously work together on a project, without necessarily being physically together in the same room.